No Better Time Than Now

We are happy to communicate No Better Time Than Now group art show, curated by Duncan Brown, exhibiting work of Bristol based illustrators, muralists and painters.


About the exhibition

We are 15 strong.

We create. We procrastinate.

We work from our studios.

From our bedrooms. In our minds.

In our sleep. On the streets.

Up scaffolds. On our screens.

We are digital. We are analogue.

We sculpt. We shape. We draw. We tag.

We bomb. We print. We scribble. We ink.

We are our art.


Exhibiting artists:

Andrew Burns Colwill, Billy Colours, Captain Kris, Duncan Brown, Dave Bain, 45RPM, Ian Moore, Jimmer Willmott, Jamel, Kid Crayon, Lisa Rose, Merny Wernz, Mudra, Paul Monsters, Sepr.


About Duncan Brown

Kicking it all off at Age 11 with a pack of felt tip pens, show curator Duncan Brown’s prolific art career spans 30 roller-coaster years of working in Film and TV, Computer Games and Live Music.

From sculpting rubber aliens for TV shows to explosive SFX for Computer Games, plus animated visuals for Live Music shows & DJs, he’s covered a few bases in the design world.

He currently works as a Freelance sculptor for The Royal Mint and various companies in the U.S.

He very much likes to paint whenever he gets a spare moment, and curating an Art show in his home town of Bristol is an opportunity to share that passion with a few of the local Illustrators, muralists and painters he’s met over the last 9 years.


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